Astro 320 / T5 Bundle - GPS Dog Tracking System

Part Number: 010-01041-61
Recommended Retail Price: R R 12 999.00
ICASA Certification: PENDING


Astro 320 / T5 Bundle - GPS Dog Tracking System Features:

Tracking systems for hunting dogs

- Track up to 10 dogs at a time, up to 14.5 km away
- The T5 dog unit with a top-mounted, high-sensitivity GPS / GLONASS transmitter with flexible braided
  steel antenna
- Optional Advanced maps with birdseye satellite imagery and TOPO maps can be bought separately

The Astro 320 handheld takes dog tracking to a higher level. You can track up to 10 dogs with multiple handsets, and T 5 dog collar devices (sold separately). The Astro 320 is easy to read thanks to the vibrant 6.6 cm sunlight readable colour screen. By using the high-sensitivity Garmin GPS / GLONASS transmitter/receiver, improved mapping capabilities with birdseye satellite imagery (sold separately) and the 3-axis electronic compass on the Astro 320 you will surely find your way back to your vehicle or camp after the hunt.

Observe every movement your dog does

The Astro 320 handset and T 5 dog collar devices features a high-sensitivity GPS receiver / transmitter. The T5 dog collar has a top-mounted GPS antenna and is designed to keep the flexible, braided steel radio antenna in the upright position so that you get the best possible reception and can track your dog’s position even in heavy cover and deep canyons. The T5 dog collar is tough enough to be used wherever your dog makes his/her way (water rated to 10 m).

You can track up to 10 dogs up to 14.5 km away at the same time with the Astro 320, depending on terrain. The system transmits information by line of sight, so the reach is greatest in the flat, open terrain.

The T 5 dog collar transmits the dog’s position to the Astro 320 handheld every 5 seconds. Thanks to the vibrant screen, you can see your dog’s current position and a plotted track of where the dog has been on the map page. Change to the Dog Tracker page to view a compass with an arrow pointing towards the dog’s position. The Dog Tracker page will show you how far away your dog is and the direction to your dog.

When several dogs are being tracked with T 5 dog collars (additional T5 dog collars sold separately), you can see the exact distance to each dog on the map, and you can always choose to automatically zoom in or out the picture so that all dogs are shown on the screen simultaneously. Dogs that are too far away to fit within the map’s current zoom scale is displayed in the margin in the direction of the dog. You can also choose how long each dog track log displayed on the screen, or turn it off completely to eliminate clutter on the map page.

Special features that make life easier for you

In rescue mode the system reduces the refresh rate when there is less than 25% of the battery power on the T5 dog collar to conserve battery life and give you more time to find your dog. With improved battery life allowing you to set the update frequency of every five seconds, means the battery life would last up to 26 hours. When fully charged and in rescue mode, the battery of the T5 collar can last up to 54 hours. With the Collar Lock feature you can create a four-digit PIN number that prevents other users from seeing where your dog is – a useful feature during field exercises to ensure that Astro 320 is used only as a search tool if a dog gets lost.

Easily upgrade

It is now easier than ever to get what you need for the hunt. You can buy the entire Astro 320/T5 dog collar bundle package and add additional T 5 dog collars for multiple dog tracking (the system can track up to 10 dogs).

The Astro 320 has a microSD ™ card slot so you can insert additional TOPO Maps (sold separately) to see the land elevation contours. The Astro 320 also supports birdseye satellite imagery (subscription required), so you can download satellite images to your device and integrate them with your maps. The map function displays important geographical features around and tells you if your dog has crossed a stream or is approaching a dangerous road.

The Astro 320 is also compatible with Garmin custom maps, free software that transforms paper and electronic maps into downloadable maps for your device.

Count your flocks

When used for bird hunting, you can select the exact spot with Astro Covey Counter ™, a special waypoint for the exact location, time of day and elevation where the prey was found. It also allows you to enter the number of birds you drove up and shot on that spot. The Astro 320 lets you save other special waypoints, such as a vehicle or hunting lodge, so you can quickly and easily store these places for each hunt. Astro 320 also has special waypoint icons to represent food places, trees, passports and other hunting-related points.

Plan your next hunting trip

Take control of your next adventure with Garmin’s free software for travel planning, BaseCamp ™, in which you can view and organise maps, waypoints, routes and tracks. With this free software for travel planning, you can even create Garmin adventures that you can share with friends, family and other adventurers. BaseCamp displays topographic map data in two or three dimensions on the computer, including contour lines and elevation profiles. BaseCamp can also be used to transmit satellite images to your Astro 320 device if you have a subscription to birdseye satellite imagery.


Technical Specifications


Technical Specifications


What's in the Box:

    Astro 320/T5 Bundle
    - Astro 320 handheld device
    - T 5 dog device with rechargeable lithium ion battery
    - Orange collar (width 2.5 cm)
    - 12.7 cm standard antenna and 33 cm antenna with extended range (for Astro 320 device)
    - 47 cm standard antenna and 57 cm antenna with extended range (for T5 device)
    - Belt clip
    - Charging clip
    - USB cable
    - AC Adapter
    - Charging adapter for vehicles
    - Manual

Accessories for the Astro 320 / T5 Bundle - GPS Dog Tracking System

Universal Soft Carrying Case
Part No: 010-10117-03

Mini USB Cable
Part No: 010-10723-01

Auto Navigation Kit
(incl. auto mount & cigarette lighter adapter)
Part No: 010-10851-10

Extended-range Antenna
Part No: 010-10856-30

Magnetic Mount Antenna
Part No: 010-10931-00

Swivel Belt Clip
Part No: 010-11022-10

Carabiner Clip
Part No: 010-11022-20

Bike mount
Part No: 010-11023-00

Marine/Cart Mount
Part No: 010-11031-00

Rechargeable NiMH Battery Kit
Plus 2 AA NiMH batteries
Part No: 010-11343-00

Quick Release Lanyard
Part No: 010-11733-00

Belt Clip (Spine Mount)
Part No: 010-11734-20

Standard VHF Antenna
Part No: 010-11828-10

Long-range VHF Antenna
Part No: 010-11828-11

Lanyard Carabiner
Part No: 010-11854-00

1-inch Collar Straps (Orange)
Part No: 010-11892-00

1-inch Collar Straps (Black)
Part No: 010-11892-01

1-inch Collar Straps (Red)
Part No: 010-11892-02

1-inch Collar Straps (Blue)
Part No: 010-11892-04

1-inch Collar Straps (Green)
Part No: 010-11892-06

1-inch Collar Straps (Yellow)
Part No: 010-11892-08

1-inch Collar Strap (Orange)
Part No: 010-11892-10

Field Bag
Part No: 010-11962-10

Hard Carrying Case
Part No: 010-12042-00